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         Join us and learn the Japanese art of making cute lunchboxes known as Bento!

Hi, my name is Silvia, better known as #BentoHime. I'm a bento artist, blogger, owner of a Japanese shop, and a mother. I've been making bento since my daughter started going to school, several years ago. Now I'm sharing all the things I learned in my bento workshops.

In these workshop I will show you how easy it is making a cute bento or charaben, following the proper Japanese techniques.

Please see a list of upcoming workshops below. You can register by either sending a private FB message to Silvia, or an email to info@kupuku.be.


  • All workshops are for beginners. You can start at any type and any order.
  • The lesson will be conducted in Dutch.
  • Basic level is suitable from age 9 years onwards.
  • Min. 6 participants and max. 9 participants.
  • Ingredients, tools, and 21% VAT are included in the price.
  • Advance payment is required and registration is definitive when full payment has been received. Please send payment by bank transfer to Silvia Gunadi, KBC bank, IBAN: BE67 7360 4574 7587.
  • Cancellation is not possible. You could always find someone else to take over your place or move it to another date.
  • Let me know in advance if you have food allergies or a special dietary need like Vegetarian or Halal food.
3 things you need to bring from home:
  • a large cutting board
  • a small and very sharp vegetable knife
  • a small scissors to cut food.
I hope to see you soon!